Buy Face Shields in Hyderabad India

Buy Face Shields in Hyderabad India


PPE Kits

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Kit is one of the essential equipment required by the front-line workers such as the doctors, nurses and municipal workers who are tirelessly working to help India overcome this pandemic. It consists of surgeon gown attached with head hood, Face Mask (3 PLY/Melt blown), surgeon gown attached with head hood, Hand gloves, PP Shoe cover up to the knees and goggles.

This much needed kit can help these front-line workers proceed with their work risk and tension free. This is an absolute necessity for these workers during this pandemic to protect them. If you’re an organization or reseller looking forward to purchase these kits on a bulk order, then you can contact us.

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Face Shield

Did you ever think about your entire face’s protection which a masks fails at? This is where a Face Shield comes to the rescue.A face shield is a layer of plastic attached to a headband that covers your face entirely against the virus falling on it, thus, providing the maximum protection. It is an essential in critical areas and should be encouraged in general public to provide maximum safety against the virus We also provide another Face Shield variant which comes with a goggle attached to the plastic sheet covering the face instead of a headband.

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Face Mask

Under COVID Essentials masks are the primary protectors. Technolexis Pvt. Ltd. offers a variety of masks to protect you against the virus and keep you safe as your safety is our priority.

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N95 mask

A notch above the 3ply masks for more efficient use in critical areas can be reused a few times. The 3M’s come under the N95 masks and these with their numerous variants can surely suit your specific needs and budget.

3M 8210

The most sought after brand for masks when it comes to the safety of the frontline workers against the virus. Known to be one of the most efficient masks out there. 3M’s demand has never ceased, rather only has been increasing in times of crisis like these but that hasn’t stopped us from serving and providing these masks to the ones in need.

3 ply

One of the most effective and affordable masks for the general public for rare visits outside, the 3ply masks with their respective variants can protect the general public from the virus effectively. Recommended to use and throw.

Pulse Oximeter

Do you feel COVID symptoms and want to keep a track of your health, then pulse oximeters with their effective heart rate and oxygen level monitoring can keep you notified about your health and if you need a COVID test. The pulse oximeter is a small device that can measure these stats with your finger in the device. Our oximeters are very accurate and provide the best results.

Oxygen Concentrator

A very vital device for COVID patients with low blood oxygen levels, this machine comes with a cabinet that houses the compressor and filters; tubing; a nasal cannula and a face mask. These provide the COVID patients with long-term oxygen therapy to the ones healing at their homes.Thus, an essential for the COVID patients to maintain their blood oxygen levels and for a speedy and healthy recovery.


Technolexis has also been importing containers of N95 face masks and PPE Kits. If you'd like to get yourself a container booked, then whatsapp - 9347517427.

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