2d/3d Modelling

2D/3D Modeling


Every great product out there has gone through multiple iterations of prototyping to get it tested across various levels to get the perfect product. Thus, your product idea needs multiple iterations of prototyping to understand the flaws, to make a better product altogether.
Prototyping involves getting the 3D Design of your product and 3D printing its multiple iterations to understand your product and to brainstorm how you can always make it better. Technolexis has helped innumerable companies get their final products better than the design they came with and this improvement is what we strive for.


Mass Production

Manufacturing is one of the biggest and most crucial factors for your product’s public outreach. The methods of mass production adopted by us are - Vacuum Casting involves usage of vacuum to draw the liquid material (resin) into the mold to form the final product. Vacuum Forming involves heating of the plastic sheet to a forming temperature. Then the mold is hit on the plastic sheet at forming temperature to create the required shape. Soft Tooling is the process of acquiring the manufacturing components and machines needed for production. Injection Molding is a manufacturing for creating products by injecting molten material into a mold supporting a plethora of materials.


Low Volume Manufacturing

"3D Printing, with its enormous potential can be effectively utilized for low volume manufacturing without incurring mold costs which is an essential for mass manufacturing. We would recommend you to go for SLS Technology to get your final 3D printed products because it offers a high resolution and great strength. This is a low-cost alternative to mass manufacturing due to the non-requirement of manufacture of molds with the accuracy same as that or better than mass manufacturing.
Vacuum Casting is also used for low volume manufacturing wherein vacuum is used to draw the liquid material (resin) into the mold to form the final product. Although this method produces great resolution and strength, mold costs have to be incurred.

Product Development

It is an amalgam of all the above processes to come up with your final product from scratch using your ideas. Here’s how it’s linked –

You come to us with your precious idea and explain it to us and we design the rough sketches of its various sides and visualize the 3D model and ask for your confirmation. Upon your confirmation, we go ahead and create the 2D model and after a few iterations convert it into the 3D model. We go through a few iterations, creating prototypes using 3D printing to test your product and enhance it after every iteration. Then comes your final product, after multiple upgrades, a real entity born from your idea! We then create the mold if you wish to continue with mass manufacturing of your product to make it market ready, else if you wish to go ahead with low volume manufacturing, we would ask you to get your final product 3D printed using the SLS/SLA Technology to get your final high resolution and strong product.
So, this is how we get your idea to form a real time product from scratch to make it a market ready hit! .

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